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Your pet’s dental health is just as important to their overall health and well-being as your health. There are many reasons you should make your pet’s dental care a priority because healthy teeth can prevent a dental disease but when dental diseases go untreated can lead to more fatal issues to arise. At Crossway Veterinary Housecalls PLLC our mobile veterinary professionals are prepared to help you and your pet with their dental care.


Importance of Dental Care

It is important to take your pet to the vet for regular check-ups because issues with baby teeth can occur. Dogs end up with 42 teeth when they are full-grown and cat 30 teeth when they grow up. Sometimes the baby teeth need to be extracted because they didn’t’ fall out. If these baby teeth aren’t extracted it can lead to problems with gum disease and tartar buildup.

If you take quality care of your pet’s teeth, you will have fewer problems down the road with their overall health which also results in you spending less money in the long run. You should brush your pet’s teeth daily, however, some pets can be difficult, which we understand and we can discuss a variety of other options to keep your pet’s teeth the best they can be.

Statistics show that four out of five dogs over the age of three will develop some form of periodontal disease which is normally caused by plaque buildup so it is very important for them to have regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Signs Your Pet May Be Experiencing Dental Complications

Pets are good at hiding their pain so you may not know when they are suffering from a major dental issue until is too late. Regular checkups will keep you and your pet on top of the situation so issues can be caught early if they develop. Your dog or cat’s teeth can wear out which causes them a lot of pain so it is imperative they undergo regular dental checkups.

To achieve optimum health for your cat or dog, regular dental care should be a top priority for your pet’s veterinary care routine.

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