Pet Dental Care FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pet dental care we hear at Crossway Vet, your mobile veterinarian serving North Houston and communities in Montgomery County. 


What Dental Problems Do Pets Have?

Pets get cavities just like people do. As pets get older, their gums can recede. Pets can also develop periodontal disease below the gum line, where it cannot be seen. When left untreated, periodontal disease can become serious and spread to other parts of the body.

Periodontal disease may cause inflammation, swelling, bleeding, infection, and bone loss. Early detection helps to minimize the damage periodontal disease can cause.

What Should I Do if My Pet Breaks a Tooth? 

The remaining parts of a broken tooth should be extracted to eliminate pain and to prevent potential infection from causing additional problems in the future. This will require dental surgery performed by a veterinarian.

How Often Should My Pet’s Teeth Be Cleaned?

Professional dental cleanings should be carried out on your pet at least once a year.  During this appointment, a veterinarian can fully evaluate your pet’s teeth, and scrape away and plaque and tartar that has developed.  While this appointment is a necessary component of pet dental wellness, it’s not by itself sufficient to guarantee an animal’s dental wellbeing. Routine dental brushings along with specially made dental chews are important aspects of dental care for pets.  Unfortunately, many of these practices are not carried out.

Can a Pet Get a Root Canal, Tooth Repair, or a Crown?

Almost every procedure that can be performed on human teeth is possible with your pet’s teeth. 

What about Bad Breath?

Bad breath is often a sign of dental illness or a dental problem. Pets do not usually have bad breath except for the few minutes after they eat. Regular brushing, along with annual teeth cleaning, will keep your pet’s breath smelling nice.

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