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Preparing for Pet Surgery at Crossway Veterinary Housecalls PLLC

Your pet means a lot to you. He or she probably has a place in your heart similar to that of a child. That makes pet surgery an emotional event for both of you. Crossway Veterinary Housecalls PLLC tries to ease the stress by serving Magnolia, Woodlands, Willis, North Spring, Montgomery, Southwest Conroe, and Tomball with a mobile veterinarian service.

Our mobile veterinary clinic contains a full office and operating center. This lets us come to you and provide treatment for your pet at your home. You will still need to prepare your pet and yourself for the surgery, but it should be less stressful than traveling to a traditional vet clinic. 


Pet Surgery Tips

You need to bathe your dog or cat the day before surgery. They need to start the process clean. While we will shave the surgical area and sterilize the environment, starting out clean helps to reduce the amount of time they need to be under anesthesia as well as the chance of infection. 

You must adhere to any dietary instructions for your pet. Your cat or dog should eat the night before the surgery, but no later than 10pm. Your dog or cat can drink water overnight but the water should be removed no later than 7am. Your pet should not have any treats, snacks or breakfast the morning of his or her operation. Finally, take your dog for a pre-surgery walk and make sure he or she uses the bathroom. Have your cat use the litter box before surgery. If your cat normally lives outside, bring him or her in for the night before the surgery. This lets you control their food intake and means you can easily find them when it is time for surgery.

After surgery, follow two rules above all others. Make sure your pet wears the e-collar do he or she does not harm the incision area, and confine the pet to reduce his or her activity and allow the tissue to heal. Also, it's important to strictly adhere to the medication schedule your veterinarian provides and keep your pet's bandages and wound area clean and dry.

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Your pet's veterinary treatment and pet surgery should not be a cause for stress for either of you. Contact Crossway Veterinary Housecalls PLLC for pet care in Magnolia, Woodlands, Willis, North Spring, Montgomery, Southwest Conroe, and Tomball. Our phone number is 832-948-8007.

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