Protect your Pet with Vaccinations

Vaccinations prevent common diseases and protect your pet's health. Our mobile veterinary unit is designed to make it incredibly easy and convenient to get your pet the care and protection he/she needs. A mobile veterinarian has lots of flexibility and can come to you, so there's no waiting and no worries, just convenient and caring veterinary care. Your pet's vaccinations can be completed in minutes, along with an examination that reassures you that your pet is healthy. By making vaccinations convenient, we of Crossway Veterinary Housecalls hope to keep the pets in Magnolia, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis, Waller, Tomball, and North Spring areas healthy and fit. 


Benefits of Vaccinating your Pet

Better Health and a Longer Life

Vaccines for pets work the same way that vaccines for humans do. They prevent common and contagious illnesses from spreading and ensure that your dog won't become sick from a devastating disease. Your dog or cat could be exposed to illnesses like distemper, kennel cough, or even rabies. It only takes a second for another animal to bite or infect your pet. When your pet's vaccines are up to date, you remove the risk of him catching some of the most devastating pet illnesses, resulting in better health and a longer life. 

Easy Travel and Boarding

If you are heading to a hotel, taking a plane, or planning on boarding your pet, you'll need to show proof of your pet's vaccinations to do so. Some facilities also require proof of vaccinations before your pet can enter, so being up to date can prevent a last-minute scramble or an inconvenient last-minute vet visit.

Waited too long? Check out our convenient mobile vet service and get caught up fast. 

Reduce Risk for Other Pets and Family Members

Not all pet illnesses can be transferred to other species or to humans, but some can be. If you have other pets that are not vaccinated, then a disease could spread rapidly through your own home, making everyone ill and triggering soaring veterinary bills. Very young pets, very old pets, or those with chronic health problems will be particularly at risk if they are not vaccinated. 

Use our Convenient Mobile Vet Service

Don't worry about delays in an office setting or bringing your pup to a veterinary office. We'll come to you! At Crossway Veterinary Housecalls, we're on the go every day and can visit pets in Magnolia, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis, Waller, Tomball, Southwest Conroe, and North Spring. Give us a call at 832-948-8007 to schedule a time for your pet's vaccinations and give your animal companion the gift of continued good health. 

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